Honour Code & Lady Cadets’ Prayer

Honour Code & Lady Cadets’ Prayer


“I will be truthful, trust worthy, honest and forth right under all circumstances. I will always follow the righteous path and constantly encourage my comrades to do so. I undertake to live up to the high values and principles of this great institution and the services which I aspire to join.”


Dear God

We pray to thee for thy guidance and support in our endeavour to join the defence services.We pray for the physical strength to face trials and tribulations that lie ahead of us and tenacity to overcome every hurdle that comes our way.

Ignite in us the desire to excel in our academic pursuits and wisdom to apply the knowledge that we acquire in the journey of our lives.

Awaken in us,the admiration for honest dealings and clean thinking and guide us to choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.

Grant us the courage which knows no compromise or retreat when truth and righteousness are in peril so that we may never falter in doing our duty to our country and to the men and women we command